JetCat P1000-PRO
  • JetCat P1000-PRO
  • JetCat P1000-PRO

JetCat P1000-PRO

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JetCat P1000-PRO

Thrust 1100 Newton ( 111 Kg - 244 Lbs )

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JetCat P1000-PRO

JetCat P1000-PRO

JetCat P1000-PRO

Thrust 1100 Newton ( 111 Kg - 244 Lbs )

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Jet-Cat P1000-PRO

This turbine engine is designed for industrial or professional use, and has a starter/generator that can supply his own electrical power and during operation it will charge his own battery.

This is the latest design of JetCat ,all items to operate this turbine is internal build in the front cover of the turbine , like the ECU , 3 Valve's for Fuel and Kero start ,2 x brushless fuel pumps, fuel filter.

Also the Barometric altitude and pressure sensor is build in with a bleed air connection with one way valve.

This turbine has a brushless Starter/Generator , which charge the battery as soon the turbine has his start sequence completed an is stabilized on his idle RPM

In flight restart is possible.

a 4 pole Molex expansion connection for Smoke or fuel pump.

Double ignition Kero start.

External possibility to switch on and start the turbine with a RC transmitter.

Emergency stop , to switch off the fuel pumps in case of emergency.

All engine data's will be stored like RPM , temp , fuel used 

High quality ceramic bearings.

Voltage range :10-35 V DC for 3 S LiPo- Battery with XT60 connector for Lipo battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh or higher.

Battery type and number of Cells is to program in the software , during start the battery must be able to handel 300 Watts

This single shaft Turbine is equipped with a radial compressor ,diffusor , combustion chamber , turbine and Exhaust nose.

Pro will will say, digital controlled with all items internal of the turbine front cover.

Technical data :

Idle RPM:                                                  19000 RPM

Max. RPM                                                  61500 R/min

Idle Thrust                                                 45 N

Max Thrust                                                 1100N

Exhaust temperature                                   480-720 Celsius

Pressure rate                                              4.0

Mass stream                                               1,8 kg /sec

Jet blast speed                                            2200 km/h

Jet performance                                          336,1 KW

Fuel consumption at max RPM                      1650 ml /min

Battry - charge performance                         160 watt

3 phase AC (w)/Voltage                                (*)

Fuel consumption at idle RPM                        650 ml/min

Fuel consumption @ max. RPM                      2900 ml/min

Fuel consumption idle                                   0,440 kg/min

Fuel Consumption @ max. RPM                      2,320 Kg/min

SFC@ max RPM                                           0,127 Kg/Nh

Weight incl valve and starter                         11ooo gram

Outer diameter                                             234 mm

Length                                                          444 mm

Fuel J-A1 or parafine with 5% turbine oil Aero Shell 500 or BP 2380

3 years warranty

Made in Germany

To control this turbine the is a choice of the RC installation kit or an Industrial installation kit .

Engine mounts required price € 25,50

There is a Jet Cat Questionnaire to be fill in when ordering this turbine, you can reply for this.

Options  RC installation kit : € 325,00

             Industrial installation kit € 185,00

We ship World Wide , outside the EU , VAT is 0 % , you can subtract 21% from thew list price.
The price without VAT is € 20082,65
Mail or call for a quotation including shipping cost to :
Call : + 31365309881
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