JeTCat P220-RXi
  • JeTCat P220-RXi
  • JeTCat P220-RXi
  • JeTCat P220-RXi
  • JeTCat P220-RXi
  • JeTCat P220-RXi

JeTCat P220-RXi

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JetCat P220-RXi Turbine Engine

Thrust 48,4 Newton ( 22,0 KG-48,4 Lbs )


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JeTCat P220-RXi

JeTCat P220-RXi

JetCat P220-RXi Turbine Engine

Thrust 48,4 Newton ( 22,0 KG-48,4 Lbs )

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JetCat P220-RXi

Now includes an integrated brushless pump, brushless starter/generator, charging system for turbine battery and optional charging system for receiver battery.

The newly developed JetCat P220 RXi, not only has an integrated brushless and fully encapsulated fuel pump, but also features a brushless starter / generator system!

The rotor of the fuel pump is running in the fuel, therefore the otherwise necessary shaft seals can be omitted. The starter / generator operates completely mechanical contact free to the turbine shaft. Therefore the "coupling" of starter to engine rotor is resistant to wear and dirt (no slippage of the starter clutch by oil/dirt, no O-ring wear possible)

The specially designed “non-contact coupling system” (patent pending) also ensures that the brushless generator, compared to the engine rotor, only spins at comparably low RPM"s(well below 10,000 1 / min). This ensures a very high reliability and durability of the entire starter / generator system.

Furthermore, the JetCat P220 RXi has been optimized for a minimal system weight. The housing is made of thin-walled laser welded stainless steel. The entire engine, including integrated brushless pump, valves, fuel filter, generator and charging system only weighs 1850g.

In conjunction with the new “JetCat BMS system” (BMS=Battery Management System) lighter and smaller receiver batteries than previously required can be used. The receiver batteries are constantly recharged via the BMS system as soon as the engine is running.

Never charge batteries, only refuel in the future!

After starting the engine, the engine battery is recharged via the generator with high power. The engine side electronics controls the charging current / voltage automatically.

The engine battery is also charged if the engine runs at idle. The optional JetCat BMS system can be used to also recharge the receiver batteries. In this configuration, the BMS-system ensures that the receiver batteries are always fully charged upon the next engine startup. The charging of the receiver batteries will continue until these are completely full, even if the RC-system of the model should have been powered down.


  • Thrust:                                  220 Newton ( 22 Kg-48,4 Lbs )
  • Weight:                                 1850 g
  • Diameter:                               116,8mm
  • Length:                                 309 mm
  • RPM range:                            35000 - 117000 RP/min
  • Exhaust:                                480-750 C
  • Fuel:                                     Jet A1, 1- kerosene
  • Lubrication:                           approximately 5% synthetic Oil in the fuel
  • Fuel consumption:                 725 ml/min to the highest RPM
  • Maintenance interval:             50 Hours
  • Made in Germany
  • 36 Moths Warranty

Contens :

* Turbine + JetCat Auto Start

* ECU V10

* Connecting Cable

* Fuel tubing + connectors

* Engine Mounts

* Instruction Manual

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