JetCat 130-RX
  • JetCat 130-RX
  • JetCat 130-RX
  • JetCat 130-RX

JetCat 130-RX

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JetCat P130-RX, Micro Turbine

Thrust 130 Newton ( 13 Kg- 28,6 Lbs)


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JetCat 130-RX

JetCat 130-RX

JetCat P130-RX, Micro Turbine

Thrust 130 Newton ( 13 Kg- 28,6 Lbs)

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JetCat P130-RX ,130 Newton /13 Kg Thrust

 The new P130-RX is particularly suitable for medium size models or even for 2 engine jet models which 

must be paid on the total weight while maintaining a high thrust is required. 

The P130-RX turbine also reduces the cost of cabling and tubing. The valves are fully integrated in the turbine housing.

It is necessary only one hose connection from the pump to the turbine. 

The electrical connection of the turbine to the ECU via a single Power Bus connection cable.

At the ECU must be next to the battery supply and the connection to the receiver (1-2 channels), only the fuel pump 

to be connected.

As a power supply preferably a 3S / 2100mAh LiFePo4 battery is used

This not only supplies the ECU and the fuel pump, but also all of the bus system can be connected optional components such as a further pump for Smoke and / or LCU (lighting control).

When using a further bus-pump it can be configured as Smokerpumpe. The setting of the Smoker pump  output is then directly on the ECU / GSU.

The ECU V12.0 features an integrated precision air pressure and temperature sensor, via which the turbine control intelligently the current is adjusted environmental conditions.

The ECU V12.0 also has internal telemetry adapter.

The temperature sensor is installed on the turbine side internally, but can if necessary still be easily replaced.

The engine starts right with kerosene.

The completely redesigned V12.0 ECU is three times smaller than the V6.0 ECU.


  • Compact outline and form factor
  • Internal kerosene start
  • Internal EGT sensor!
  • Internal solenoids, only one fuel connection to the engine
  • New "Bus-system" fuel pump.
  • Eliminates necessity to adjust pump startup voltage!
  • Single wiring connection from ECU to engine
  • New miniature/lightweight ECU V10.0
  • GSU
  • Battery: 3-cell LiFePo


Thrust                            : 130 Newton ( 13kg-28,6 Lbs) @ 127.000 RPM 1 /min
Idle thrust                      : 4 newton
Weight                           : 1350 grams incl. Start automatic
Diameter                        : 99 mm
Totale length                   : 284 mm
RPM range                      : 40.000  - 127.000 RPM
Turbine Exhaust Temp.    : Max 720 graden Celsius
Fuel consumption            : 500 ml/min  full throttle
Fuel type                         : jet A1 kerosine ,/ petroleum
lubrication                       :  5 % synthetische turbine oil added to the fuel
Maintenance                    : 50 hr interval


*  Turbine with JetCat Auto start
*  Electronic control unit (ECU V10.0)

* Verbinding kabels ECU -Turbine

* ECU met Auto-Power -Down functie

* ID-Chip included in de turbine

* Kerostart intergrated

*  Ground service unit (GSU)
*  Fuel tubing -connectors- filters- cables
*  36 Months 
*  Engine mounts
*   instructie Manual

* Made in Germany

* 36 Months Warranty

 We ship World Wide , outside the EU , VAT is 0 % , you can subtract 21% from thew list price.

Price with 0% VAt is € 1.800,83

Mail or call for a quotation including shipping cost to :
Call : + 31365309881

We ship World Wide , outside the EU , VAT is 0 % , you can subtract 21% from thew list price.

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